Student {virtual} Meeting: Network and Orgs: Why It Matters in Public Relations


Students, join us March 3 as we discuss the importance of connecting with the professionals in public relations now, while you're in school. These relationships often give you a leg up when entering your career. Learn more about networking and professional organization memberships that can boost your resume and internship opportunities.
March 2021 Monthly Meeting 


Join PRCA and AAF virtually as we welcome Heather Dopson, director of brand and community growth at Astrella. She will present Three Ways You're Killing Content in the Facebook Algorithm and How to Fix It. You'll learn how to understand the Facebook algorithm so that it better informs your content strategy, how to shape your content for the audience you're trying to reach, and what CTAs are an absolute no-no and what messaging to use instead.
Heather is an advocate for authenticity. She's a catalyst for conversations worth having and an enabler for ideas worth exploring. On the list of qualifications cited for her annual most interesting woman of the year nomination, her nickname "The Human API", and national certification as a taco judge, rank second and third behind the collective testimony of thousands who Heather has selflessly connected, elevated, or otherwise served. She's fueled by tracking digital trends, innovation in technology, and taco trucks. She has a profound understanding of social networks, consumers and branding; and a pronounced intolerance for bull****. Heather has a passion for digital trends and innovation along with a deep understanding of social networks, consumers and branding. As Director of Brand and Community Growth at Astrella, she leverages her skills as a connector and her drive to help small businesses succeed. Her mission in life is to help people lose their J-O-B and find their J-O-Y.
This is a joint meeting with PRCA and American Advertising Federation Montgomery chapters.


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