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Step 1: Begin your membership renewal or registration here

Step 2: Kick back and relax a bit! Montgomery's Vice President of Membership will reach out to you with next steps to finalize your membership process. Our Board of Directors is ready to help you hit the ground running!

Payments and Approvals - Be aware each application is subject to review and approval by local PRCA chapters. Processing each application with care takes time, and our Board of Directors will be in touch with you for next steps. Payment options will be made available to you at that time.

Questions? Please connect with us at with any questions you may have while your application is being processed.

About Public Relations Council of Alabama (PRCA) Memberships

Membership with a local chapter of PRCA gives you automatic membership to PRCA on a state level as well as Southern Public Relations Federation (SPRF). With your membership, you become part of a growing community of public relations professionals on a regional level who network, lead, and grow together regularly.

With FOUR membership types available, we have a place for you in every season of your professional public relations journey!  

Active membership is open to: full-time public relations practitioners, those exercising full responsibility for an employer's public relations activities and spending at least 50% of work time performing communication duties, and members of the academic community who provide instruction and/or engage in research in the field of public relations.

Associate membership is open to those vendors who benefit from the ability to network with public relations practitioners and do not meet the criteria for active member status. Local chapters have the right to review all Associate membership requests with acceptance based on local policy.

Student membership is open to any full-time college student interested in a career in public relations, communications or related major. Where a student chapter exists, students should select the university or college chapter on the student application form. 

Sustaining membership is reserved for those who are currently and actively retired, but previously full-time public relations practitioners. 

Membership Ownership Remains with the Individual
If you change jobs or move to another PRCA chapter, your membership moves with you. You are connected across the state with a professional community ready to support you in every season of your career!

A world of possibilities and connections await with PRCA! Begin your membership renewal or registration journey today and join us! 

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