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February Updates

A Letter From the President

Troy Johnson


PRCA Montgomery

When I studied public relations as an undergraduate student, key publics frequently viewed newspapers as their first informational go-to. Social media didn’t exist. Cell phones were the approximate size and weight of concrete blocks and seemingly radiated enough heat to power an entire city.

I offer this not as a back-in-my-day, old guy-yells-at-the-clouds rant, but rather as a way of explaining the value proposition offered by PRCA membership.

When I decided to change careers in 2008 after 16 years in journalism, the bedrock principles of public relations had remained intact since my undergraduate student days. But it was obvious to me at the time of my professional transition that there was plenty I didn’t know as technological change accelerated and social media and Big Data emerged in a massive supernova.

Membership in PRCA helped me recognize potential blind spots, address knowledge gaps and broaden my skill set. It connected me with an amazing and supportive group of professionals (locally and statewide), many of whom have been mentors. It has challenged and inspired me to seek continuous improvement as a practitioner.

I offer all of this because it’s that time of the year – renewal season.

If you haven’t already renewed your membership, I hope you will do so. And, if you have any colleagues who are not yet PRCA-Montgomery members but should be, I hope you will encourage them to apply for membership.

As board members, we will do our best to ensure that PRCA-M continues to offer professional utility and value through its programming and networking opportunities, whether delivered face-to-face or virtually. We will do our best to keep an eye on what’s trending and anticipate what knowledge will be helpful to you, but will be more likely to hit the bulls-eye if you’re willing to share your feedback.

As we get deeper into 2022, please take a moment to consider the following questions: How can our chapter help you end 2022 as an even stronger PR practitioner than you were coming into it? What potential blind spots or knowledge gaps would you like for us to help address?

We’ll be surveying our members throughout the year, but you’re always welcome to drop me an email. Or, if you’re as old-school as I am, you can always give me a call. Thankfully, cell phones have gotten a lot lighter.

April APR Event
APR Getting Started.png

Are you just starting your APR journey? Then, let us help you with our FREE Getting Started JumpStart, cosponsored by PRCA and SPRF! Get tips to complete your questionnaire and project plus watch a mock panel presentation. Join us on Saturday, April 30 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. To register, email to receive your Zoom invitation.

'Tis the Season for Membership Renewals!

It is time to renew your PRCA membership! We know you’ll continue to benefit from your involvement with PRCA – professional development opportunities, chapter and state newsletters, recognition for your work through the Medallion Awards program, accreditation support, and networking and socializing with the other smart, fun, and awesome people in your field!

October Spotlight
PRCA Launches
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